Comprehensive, integrated documentation templates
Most templates are simple outlines with instructions in each outline point. Not much help, but that's what you have to do when you build something that can be adapted for any software project you can imagine. We don't do that.

These templates are scope limited to business- and operations-oriented database application development. When you limit the scope, you can make assumptions about the document (and the project) based on previous experience with similar projects. This approach results in comprehensive, robust documents that work with and support each other.

What makes these unique?
These templates are fully integrated with a complete software engineering process that is publicly available at

Folks, this is a Big Deal. There are no other fully defined software engineering processes available on public Web sites. All the other methodologies and processes are defined in books, leaving the hard part (full definition, integration, and implementation) as "an exercise for the reader." Most readers quickly find that this is a significant, complex effort.

What we have done is set up a formal web-based process repository and integrated documentation stream that can pass audit. Most small to medium database development organizations don't have the time, money, or expertise necessary to pull a formal, defined software engineering process together. With, you can take advantage of a complete process repository and associated documentation stream that is ready right now. In essence, all you have to do is point to the repository and say "there's our process." The Shell Method Secrets description describes the advantages of our pre-defined software engineering process and repository.

For what database?
These templates are not tool-specific. Everything is written in standard terminology that can be easily tuned to your specific development platform. Refer to the Tools page for a description of the tools specific to the Shell Method.

What about agile?

If you don't need to pass audit, agile methodologies can work for you. Our sister site covers the Agile Specification approach to software design.

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